jamesthomasband-60James (Jerry) Thomas met his band mates while working at a recording studio in Charlotte, N,C. where all three members of the band worked. James’ first album was produced by David Floyd with Pat Walters playing electric lead guitar. After recording their first album, James moved to Nashville, then on to Los Angeles as a staff songwriter for recording studios/music publishing houses. During this period, James wrote many songs for other artists. After James came back to North Carolina in 2007, David convinced James to put the nine songs of the “Ocean Song” album on Myspace under the Band’s former name, the James Thomas Band. After 954,811 people have listened to “Ocean Song” album and with over 876,000 plays.The bands has over 102,000 friends (fans) and the base keeps growing. Upon this success, David convinced James two years ago to write songs for a new album, a collection now titled, “The Courthouse and The Redemption”.